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To schedule an appointment with me please fill out the following information. My sessions are 90 minutes long. By filling out the information below it helps me to see what your availability is and what time is best to speak on the phone.

I can also be reached via phone at 845-457-4738. Please leave a message and a time that I can return your call.

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Shamanic Healing Approaches Offered:

  • SHAMANIC COUNSELING allows one to learn the ancient method of the shamanic journey and how it can be used in our contemporary daily life. Aided by the heartbeat of the drum, one experiences an altered state, which awakens heartfelt wisdom. The journey will help one access a deeper awareness of nature, a loving and supportive universe and the potential for healing.
  • SOUL RETRIEVAL is a technique for restoring wholeness and balance to the spirit. Through the work of the practitioner, the client is guided into a process of re-claiming lost energy, one's essence, and experiencing personal authority in healing.
  • EXTRACTION treats the spiritual aspect of illness by removing intrusions of power in the body. The practitioner will work on behalf of the client and will help to restore balance and healing.
  • SPIRIT ANIMAL DISCOVERY will help you find your personal animal guide. The client may go on a shamanic journey to meet their power animal or the practitioner will retrieve it on their behalf. Spirit animals help in restoring power and balance in one's life.